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New Paintings!

Bliss  12x12  pastel  N Equall 
Cat Napper  12x12  pastel  

6x6 pastel 

6x6 pastel

Crow Family Portrait XIII  pastel  12x12

Crow Family Portrait VII  pastel  12x12

Crow Family Portrait  X  pastel  12x12 sold

Crow Family Portrait IX    12x12  pastel

Chip- The Indoor Cat   16x16 pastel

Our Little Corner of the World   6x6  plein air pastel

Beaverton Creek  6x6  plein air pastel

Between the Spaces   6x6 pastel

Goosey V  11x14 pastel

Clucked   12x12  pastel

Cluck  12x12  pastel

12x12 pastel  

6x12 oil

6x12 oil

Twilight  6x6  pastel     sold

Chip  8x8 pastel

Best of Show- Umpqua Plein Air 2013
First Look   6x6  plein air pastel   sold
Umpqua Valley Art Association   Roseburg, OR

People's Choice Award- Hillsboro Plein Air 2013
Hello Autumn
plein air pastel  11x14
Walters Cultural Arts Center Hillsboro, OR   

People's Choice Award  OSA Fall Juried Show  2013
Yamhill County   24x24 pastel
Oregon Society of Artists Gallery

Sunbreak   12x12  plein air pastel

Fresh From the Market  12x12 plein air pastel
Hillsboro Plein Air 2013

All I Ever Wanted  6x6  plein air pastel PNPA 2013  sold
Fluorescence  11x14  plein air pastel  PNPA 2013

Inevitable   11x14  plein air pastel  PNPA 2013  sold

Labor Day at the Reed's   20x24 pastel- commission

plein air pastel   8x24

plein air pastel   16x20

plein air pastel  16x20

Untamed   12x12  pastel   sold

6x6 pastel  sold

The Sunny Side  12x12  plein air pastel   

Wild Imaginings   16x16  plein air pastel  

6x6 plein air pastel    sold at 2013 Yamhill Lavender Festival

6x6  pastel   Currents Gallery   McMinnville, OR

May Days   6x6 pastel    Columbia Gallery  Hood River OR   sold!

Out to Pasture  3"x5"  pastel  Currents Gallery  McMinnville OR

Crow Family Portraits VI   12x12  pastel  sold

The Mighty Bushtit   24x24   pastel

Crow Family Portrait I  12x12 pastel  sold

Crow Family Portrait II  12x12 pastel
Crow Family Portrait III  12x12 pastel  sold

Crow Family Portrait IV 12x12 pastel
W S Jay I  6x6 pastel  sold

W S Jay II  pastel 8x10
W S Jay III  pastel  8x10

On the Job   11x14  pastel    2nd place OSA Fall Juried Show
The King of Empire Lake   pastel  plein air  16x16

Aglow  11x14  pastel  plein air

Wild Daydreams   11x14  pastel  plein air, sold

A Fresh Start   12x12  pastel plein air   sold

Taking the High Road   16x20  pastel  plein air  sold
Invigorated  11x14  pastel  plein air   sold

Wild Dreams  12x12 pastel  plein air  1st place Yamhill Lavender Festival

Puffed Up  8x10 pastel

Misunderstood  8x10 pastel

Goosey III  8x10 pastel   sold

Goosed II  8x10 pastel sold

Devoted  9x9  pastel

End of the Road  24x24 pastel  sold

Poppyland  24x24 pastel

Greater White Fronted Goose  5x7 pastel

Cackle  5x7 pastel

Waiting For Compliments  9x9 pastel 

Query  10x10 pastel

Inquiry   9x9  pastel  sold
Lifting  11x14  pastel

Fields of Crimson  16x20  pastel  N Equall

Two Does  24x24  pastel  N Equall    sold

Second Chances  16x16  pastel  N Equall

Indian Ford Meadow III  12x36 pastel  N Equall sold

Camp Polk Preserve  16x20  pastel  N Equall

Indian Ford Meadow II  pastel  11x14  N Equall

Reflect  pastel  24x30  N Equall

A Wild Evening   pastel  11x14  sold