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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall Home and Garden Show at the Expo Center Oct 3-6 2013

Crow Family Portraits VII  12x12  pastel  N Equall
Well, I made it!  Today is the seventh and final big art shindig in the past six weeks.  I can't believe it's already here.  In a couple of hours, I'll be setting up my booth at the Fall Home and Garden Show at the Expo Center in Portland.  The show runs Thursday thru Sunday, and I'll be part of the artisan village. Apparently my booth is conveniently located across from the chainsaw carver.  No kidding.  All I can do is laugh, and take some ear plugs.

Crow Family Portraits VIII   12x12  pastel  N Equall
I've got a few new paintings making their debut's, including two more from my Crow Family Portraits series. In case you missed it, I have become the crazy crow lady in my neighborhood.  One of my neighbors asked me why I feed the ravens. That cracked me up.  We don't have ravens here in the suburbs, but we do have crows, and I have been feeding a beautiful pair that work this sector of the neighborhood for a couple of years.  Just the two of them. Well, until this past July when my pair showed up with three loud fledglings.  I had thought that my pair were siblings.  Wrong again!  Anyway, they enjoy eating our table scraps and the babies hang out here part of the time while the parents go out to work.  I love watching their antics.  They are adorable, and very curious.  Sometimes they sit on the gutters and try to look in the windows when I'm working in the studio, or holler at me from the tree outside my bedroom window.

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