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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Year, New Paintings

I have been having a blast painting the local crows.  They're loud, clever, and endlessly fascinating to watch.  I just love their rictal bristles(those whiskery, eyelash looking feathers between their eye and beak).

I will have these paintings, along with much more at the Spring Home and Garden Show next week (February 20-24) at the Expo Center in Portland, OR.  I'll be set up in the Artisan Village, along with some of my Oregon Society of Artist buddies.  I will be spending my time painting during the show, so I'll have my own little studio area set up.  This is my second year at the show- it should be great!  Click on the following for a discount coupon into the show...Click here for $2 off coupon to the Spring Home and Garden Show!
Crow Family Portraits I  pastel  12x12  N Equall

Crow Family Portraits II  pastel  12x12  N Equall

Crow Family Portraits III  pastel  12x12 N Equall

Crow Family Portraits IV  pastel  12x12 N Equall

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