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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Few New Paintings

Puffed Up  8x10 pastel
On a cold, foggy April morning, I came across this little red winged blackbird, sitting on a sign post on the side of a country road out by Hillsboro.  It wasn't bothered by me and the camera, and seemed content to hang out while I clicked away.

A. Crow  8x10 pastel
A. Crow is one of my neighborhood crows.  This crow loves tasty morsels, but is very skittish.  One day I put a couple pieces of dinner roll on the deck for the birds.  The crow watched and waited as a Steller's Jay took a piece into a nearby tree. Rather than fly down for her own piece, she went after the Jay and stole its piece.   About an hour later my husband said that as he was driving home he saw a crow fly over the road with a large piece of roll in it's beak.

Misunderstood  8x10 pastel

Another goose.  I was at my neighborhood park, and there was only one goose left.  I don't know what happened to the rest of them.  The goose spends a lot of time hissing at anybody who comes close to it.  I understood why when I saw a nice looking family walk by the goose, and they allowed their leashed dog to lunge at the goose.  They laughed that it was funny when the "mean goose" had to run for it's life to get away from their dog's snapping jaws.

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