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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Time Lapse- Painting "Goosed"

I tried my hand at time-lapsed videos when I painted "Goosed", a 5x7 pastel.  I was talking on the speaker phone and chewing gum while filming this...yikes!  Lesson learned!

Goosed   5x7 pastel  N Equall
You can't see my reference material.  I have a laptop to the left of my easel with my photos on it.  I only use my own reference materials- photos that I have taken myself as well as sketches done on location.  My pastels are in a Heilman pastel box set on top of a mechanics cart (to the right of the easel).  I paint primarily on Wallis paper, which is an artist's sand paper.  With this painting, I sketched it in first with a pencil, and put the background color in before applying pastel to the bird.

A note about the timer...I had set the timer for 20 minutes to lay out the painting and sketch in the landmarks.  The time lapse starts when there was ten minutes left.  After the timer went off, I stopped using it.  I spent just over an hour total on this painting.  That doesn't include anything other than actually applying pastel.

I've been using the timer/clock while I'm painting both in the studio and outdoors. My perception of time gets all screwed up while I'm painting.

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