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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Tricky Start to the Plein Air Season

 And we're off.  Plein air season has begun.  I say this as rain pounds against my window.  It's just a spring thundershower, but wimpy me is inside with the heat on.  Maybe I'll go outside to paint tomorrow...

I did get my paintings submitted to Plein Air: A Chronicle of Lake Oswego which is part of Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts  June 20-22, 2014.  They were due last Friday, and even with the grandkids here, I got the photos of the paintings shot and emailed.  At least I thought I did. Yesterday, I got a frantic phone call and email from the organizers, wondering where my work was.  What?  I sent it.  And they didin't have it.  I had no idea that there was a problem.  No messages on the computer that it didn't send...nothing.  The organizers graciously allowed me to resend the images.  I'm not took 15 emails to get the images to them.  Six images.  I tried sending them all at once, splitting them into groups of three, sending them individually...and they finally all got there after 15 tries.  Some of the emails just vanished in transit, which I think is really weird.  I don't get it, but I'm happy that they arrived!

Here are the pesky images that they will be picking from...all painted on location in spring weather at Lusher Farm in Lake Oswego, and the Upper Easement next to Jantzen Island.
I Know A Place   12x24 plein air- oil paint   N Equall

Through The Trees   12x12 plein air pastel  N Equall

A Warm Welcome  12x16  plein air pastel  N Equall

The Way Things Used To Be  12x12 plein air pastel  N Equall

Lucky Clover  6x6 plein air pastel  N Equall

Along The Path  6x6 plein air pastel  N Equall

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